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Power Play at Broward Health: Ethics-Minded Commissioners Purged by Charlie Crist

Gov. Charlie Crist's office has removed Commissioners Robert Bernstein and Dan Gordon from the Broward Health board in a maneuver that appears likely to spare Commissioner Mike Fernandez from an ethics inquiry and save the job of embattled CEO Frank Nask.

Bernstein had been on an ethics rampage for the past few months, most recently over the failure by Fernandez to disclose that his employer, SonoSite, does business with the district. Fernandez, a fraternity brother of Crist's during their time at Florida State, is close with Nask, whom Bernstein was prepared to fire at Thursday's scheduled board meeting. Gordon was also likely to vote for Nask's termination.

Fernandez thwarted a vote by scheduling a business trip at the same time as that meeting. The meeting has been rescheduled for February 2. By that time, there will be four new commissioners, vaulting Fernandez back into the board's majority. Something tells me he'll find a way to fit that meeting into his busy schedule.

The email from an ebullient Nask, after the jump.

Good afternoon,

This afternoon, Governor Crist appointed four new members to the North Broward Hospital District Board of Commissioners. These new members will replace outgoing commissioners whose terms have expired.

It is with great pleasure that I welcome the new members to our board of commissioners and also thank whole heartedly, the commissioners who have served on the board for the past term.
-Jennifer O'Flannery Anderson Ph.D., President/CEO of United Way Broward County, is replacing Maureen Jaeger and is AT LARGE
-Richard Paul-Hus, President of Hypower, is replacing Rebecca Stoll in District 4

-Joel Gustafson, a former state legislator, is replacing Robert Bernstein and is AT LARGE
-Clarence McKee, consultant with the law firm Ruden McClosky, is replacing Dan Gordon in District 1

Commissioner Rhonda Calhoun, Commissioner Mike Fernandez and Commissioner Joseph Cobo remain on the board and will be joined by the new members to complete the slate of commissioners.

Again, I want to thank Commissioner Dan Gordon, Commissioner Maureen Jaeger, Commissioner Robert Bernstein and Commissioner Rebecca Stoll for their commitment and hard work during their recent terms on the board.

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