Prancercise Is Back: David Ortiz And Jose Bautista Prancercise Into All Star Game

Just when you thought it was over, it wasn't.

Yesterday, future Hall Of Fame slugger David Ortiz and fellow all star Jose Bautista decided to warm up by Prancercising down the streets of New York. Hailing the segment as "Prancercise with Big Papi," Ortiz says, "Time to stop talking, and start prancing." Then he flaps his arms.

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The whole fracas was absurd and awesome. (And totally ineffectual, it turned out. Ortiz went hitless in the game -- though his American League triumphed over the National League 3-0.)

All this talk of Prancercise has got us thinking of our cover story this week, Prance Prance Revolution. It provides a glimpse into the dark world of internet fame, delusion, and -- yes -- camel toes.

But there's something more we found after spending one month with Joanna Rohrback. There's a certain irresistible charm about the woman. She truly down to her soul loves Prancercise -- this isn't a gag. It's a creation of utter sincerity that's been taken exclusively ironically.

And that fact casts some degree of tragedy onto Joanna Rohrback. She's been both YouTube victim and victor -- a regular South Florida woman instantly thrust into absolute fame in less than one week.

But that wasn't the best part of this story. What was? Talking to Richard Simmons for a half-hour. He cried during most of the interview. (It was very touching.)

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