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Prancercise Video By Coral Springs Woman Goes Viral

Thanks to the magical wonders of the internet, and people trolling it all the live-long day, Coral Springs resident, 60-year old fitness buff Joanna Rohrback, is now an instant star thanks to her wacky exercise video, Prancercise: A Fitness Workout.

Prancercising Rohrback invented in 1989 while on the Hollywood Broadwalk.

Five months ago, she decided to post a video of it on YouTube. And suddenly, she's become a viral sensation the likes of which only that guy that did the Gangnam Style video is!

According to her website, Prancercise is a "springy, rhythmic way of moving forward,similar to a horse's gait and ideally induced by elation."

It also claims to be a holistic fitness experience, when coupled with the right diet.

Basically, it's an exercise inspired by a horse. One day, back in '89, Rohrback was walking along the Hollywood Broadwalk with ankle weights attached to her feet when she started to gallop... like a horse.

And somewhere in the back of her mind, she realized this was a good way to get exercise. Suddenly, she had invented an exercise routine.

People gawk at her weirdly, and thin she's goofy. The video itself went viral, (it's at 2,283,785 views so far) and her website crashed earlier this week.

But Rohrback ain't care.

She's galloping like a horse and loving it. She also copyrighted the routine, and wrote "Prancercise: The Art of Physical and Spiritual Excellence," in 1994.

And it'll only be a matter of time before people start making their own Prancercise videos and posting them online.

"I never dreamt it would take off like this," Rohrback tells the Sun Sentinel. "It's my dream come true.

And Rohrback really gets into it in the video, saying "We're gonna really cut the noose and let it loose, with the prancercise gallop." And, "It's better to be punching into space than in your face."

Everyone should live life like Joanna Rohrback. And by that we mean, gallop around like a horse, and not care one bit about it.

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