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Presidential Debate Protests: Sit-in On Yamato Road, Mass Arrests at the Lynn Debate

It wasn't just Obama and Romney who had something to say last night in Boca Raton. Hundreds of citizens (and some non-citizens) showed up to speak their minds on the election and the issues of the day. Fifteen of those who spoke out went to jail for their troubles.

It was all fun and games for the first part of the evening, a First Amendment festival with a range of opinions and concerns. The heavy action came later, when most of the crowd had left and as the debate ended and the last cavalcade of politicos and their police escorts got ready to split.

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The debate site itself, Lynn University, was under heavy lockdown, cordoned off by a multi-agency police task force and ticketed admission only. Even the media were roped off like cattle, penned in on a side road as they arrived, then bussed in. It was not the kind of show where Juan and Jane Q Public could stroll on it at their leisure. As ever, they had to take it to the street.

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