President's Day Quickies/Comment Cleaner

Above is a video taken at Bova Prime last week of the still-existing cigar lockers of Scott Rothstein and his closest compatriots. You'll have to watch the short vid to see the names, but, as Kim Rothstein might say, it's the usual suspects (including a high-ranking BSO officer).

Also, we'll be keeping up with the terrible traffic fatality up north. This isn't about persecuting John Goodman or the police (some people who don't know me think I'm anti-cop; couldn't be further from the truth -- I'm just anti-bad cop). It's about making sure that justice is served. Got to hold their feet to the fire on this one.

Rather quietly, there was a complaint filed to once again overturn the will the voters. This time, it's to challenge term limits for county commissioners. Right now would be the time for the two county commissioners who are term-limited out in 2012 -- John Rodstrom and Ilene Lieberman -- to denounce the suit as an attempt not only to snub voters but also to violate a core American principle first established by none other than George Washington.

Fat chance.

The suit was filed by Bill Scherer, but he's tied to Commissioner John Rodstrom, who, surprise-surprise, is term-limited out in 2012. I spoke with Rodstrom about this back in October, and he made it clear that he

supported his friend's lawsuit (and is the man behind it). "Voters hate politicians," Rodstrom told me. "But I think term limits just make lobbyists stronger. It empowers the lobbyists because they are the only ones around long enough to know what is going on."

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I also questioned Lieberman at the time, asking her a number of questions via email. In a clue as to what she might do if Scherer's anti-democratic lawsuit is successful, Lieberman ignored most of the questions and replied with these vague words. "I haven't given this subject much thought but generally don't think it would be appropriate for the County to bring a declaratory judgment on this subject."

How very politician-like. Unfortunately for Lieberman, politicians and weasels are a lot alike (in an abstract way, of course). And the political types in Broward are falling in line. Democratic honcho Mitch Ceasar, whose party is in disarray and whose party is rife with corruption in the ranks, says he's all for Scherer's lawsuit. Why? Because Rodstrom and Lieberman are Democrats (though Rodstrom is a converted Republican). GOP chair Chip LaMarca is against the suit for obvious reasons. Interestingly, Scherer is a big-time Republican, proving again that raw power trumps ideology any day in Broward County.

The kicker here is that back in 2000, when Broward voters instituted term limits, a big supporter for the referendum was... yes, Rodstrom himself. That's right, he's pulling a Keechl. I believe Lieberman supported the referendum too, but I'm not positive since that was one of the questions she neglected to answer in our little email exchange back in October. I've re-sent new questions and will update with her answers, for what they're worth.

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