Pretty Speech, Barack, But What Will You Do About the Robots Who Will Eat Our Pills?

Seriously, that classic SNL sketch above is only slightly more absurd than the kind that is being circulated by Boca Raton's state legislator and House leader, Adam Hasner. In tonight's speech, Obama took on the "death panel" myth and the socialism myth and remembered to shave the Hitler mustache that he must have grown during his vacation.

Did anyone else notice how our South Florida congressional delegation lined up for the pregame handshake gauntlet with the POTUS? Ron Klein, Robert Wexler, and Kendrick Meek all there. Thanks, Barack should have said, but where the hell were you guys a month ago when I needed party unity to oppose baseless Republican attacks?

As for the hooligan who yelled "You lie," I really, really was hoping that would prove to be the debut of Broward's first U.S. senator, George LeMieux, or that it was the blaze-of-glory exit of Sen. Mel Martinez, and I would have happily settled for hearing that health-care benchwarmer Sen. Bill Nelson had dozed off and blurted out the allegation in his sleep. But according to reports, this cracker from Carolina gets all the credit.

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