Prince Mongo, Alien Micro-Midget and Former Lauderdale Resident, Now Annoying Neighbors in Daytona

It's been four years since New Times profiled Prince Mongo, and he is still 333 years old. But then, maybe they have a different calendar in the extraterrestrial land of Zambodia. And perhaps it's impolite to remark on the age of an alien who is trying to save planet Earth.

For all his generosity, Prince Mongo has had a tempestuous relationship with us earthlings. He riled neighbors near Las Olas for his habit of treating his $2 million home like a junkyard, and it appears he's relocated his winter home to Volusia County, just south of Daytona, where he's had the same effect.

As you can see in this article, by former New Times writer Trevor Aaronson, Mongo (real name Robert Hodges), spends his summers in Memphis, where he's a perennial candidate for mayor. Maybe we can persuade Prince Mongo to move back south, then run for office in Deerfield Beach. With any luck, that city will have an opening or two on the commission after the forensic audit is over.

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