Prisonville: Southwest Ranches Lawsuit Dismissed; Pembroke Pines to Vote on Controversial Contract

Two significant news items in the saga of resistance to the proposed ICE detention center in Southwest Ranches, chronicled earlier this year in our Prisonville, Fla story.

First, the Pembroke Pines City Commission meets again tonight to discuss canceling their agreement to provide fire, water, and emergency medical service to the planned facility -- which would be, at the very least, a huge pain in the ass for Southwest Ranches and prison contractor CCA.

Second, activist Bill Di Scipio's public-records lawsuit against the town has been dismissed by a judge.

We mentioned the lawsuit, nominally over a $1.25 records charge, at the end of the feature story. While it may have seemed like a legal longshot, it could have aired out some of the questions and suspicions about Southwest Ranches' lack of responsiveness to records requests that have dogged activists (and journalists) for months.

Updates to follow on that and the Pines Commission's decision on that pesky fire/EMS contract... which included a stipulation to provide water and sewer services that Vice Mayor Iris Siple says she never saw before she signed her name to the unanimous "yes" vote on the contract.

CCA has been blitzing Pines residents with mailers threatening lost tax revenues if they pull the contract.

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