"We're at war," says the guy who is not at war.
"We're at war," says the guy who is not at war.

Prosecutors Try to Gag Woman Accusing Jennifer Carroll of Saucy Capitol Affairs

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Carletha Cole has not been shy about her accusations against Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll regarding Carroll's alleged lesbian rendezvous with aide Bibi Ramos -- but now prosecutors are saying she's gotta shut up.

"Attorneys for the defendant have spoken with various reporters across the State of Florida about the allegations surrounding this case," wrote Leon County State Attorney Willie Meggs. "The extensive media coverage in this case will effect [sic] both the State and the Defense's rights to a fair trial."

In other words: The state might not have been able to control what Ramos did with her mouth, but they can sure try to wrangle what Cole is doing with hers.

(For those of you just joining this saga, Cole is saying she was fired from the lieutenant governor's office after seeing Ramos going down on Carroll in the Capitol.)

The trial is against Cole, who is accused of distributing a recording of Carroll's chief of staff complaining about Gov. Rick Scott and former chief of staff Steve MacNamara. Meggs has already issued other threats on the matter: Although Cole was never charged with actually recording the conversation, Meggs said he was considering stepping up the charges to include the illegal recording. Because hey, why not just make things up as we go along?

"We may amend that and charge her with recording it too,'' he said, per the Miami Herald. "If you have to go to war, you go to war. I think we're at war.''

War? Really? This is supposed to be a court case.

Today's filing claims Cole's defense team is putting out information that contains "many inaccuracies supported only by speculation" and says that "much of the information contained within the filings prepared by the defense have no relevancy whatsoever."

A hearing on the request to prevent public comment from both parties is scheduled for tomorrow, according to the Miami Herald.


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