Publix ATM Skimmers Had a Wealth of Information at Their (and Your) Fingertips

Momma always told you to be careful at ATMs, so you hide your PIN from strangers and use the machines in a well-lighted area. But what if the machine itself is stealing your information?

A gang of high-tech thieves has allegedly been traveling up and down Florida's east coast, hacking those "Presto!" ATMs outside Publix stores to steal your card number and PIN. A regular-looking schlub in shorts and a Marlins cap (of course) showed up on video cameras, looking over his shoulder as he tampered with the device for around two minutes, then left it to his victims.

Fort Lauderdale police won't say how the "skimming" devices worked, because they don't want to educate wannabe thieves. But the world of skimming is a complicated, high-tech place.

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Stefan Kamph
Contact: Stefan Kamph