Pulitzer Winner Leaving Miami Herald

Just-announced Pulitzer winner Debbie Cenziper is leaving the newspaper in favor of the Washington Post, according to Post media writer Howard Kurtz.

"Cenziper of the Miami Herald captured the local reporting prize for exposing the waste of millions of dollars for projects that were never built, which led to prosecutions and firings. She will join The Post this summer."

The Herald reported on Cenziper's prize yesterday, but prominently absent from the story was news of her imminent departure. That wasn't reported in the newspaper until today, as Herald gossip columnist Joan Fleischman tacked it on the

end of her piece this morning. That's right, the Herald reported the departure of its star reporter in a gossip column based on the reporting of another newspaper.

The move for Cenziper, who will be a Metro investigative reporter at the Post, has apparently been in the works for a long while. Cenziper tells Fleischman: ''The Herald has known for several months and they were just gracious enough to let me stay on to finish the housing series."

I would say this is a sign of the times and that it says something about the Herald that it couldn't keep their prized investigative reporter. But the Miami Herald-Washington Post pipeline has been up and running for decades, so this should hardly come as a surprise.

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