Pulp Football Picks

To hell with the news. I'm going football today.

Last week, I bet six games and won four, a moderate success at best. This week, I'm gonna pick six games, based on a mix of the best games and what I think are sure winners. Take my lead at your peril.

Here they are:

1. San Diego (-5) at Green Bay Okay, I picked the Packers to do well this year based on a feeling about Brett Favre. And I'm sticking with it. This game is going to be a good one -- and God knows S.D. is due for a win. But I believe the five points given to the Pack is gonna be enough. Pick: Green Bay

2. Buffalo at New England (-16.5) New England is going to win, but not that big. Tom Brady came out fire-up and looking to prove something last week fresh off spygate rocked the Pats and his beloved Bellichick. He's a little banged up and ready for a cool-down. The Bills may not be very good, but I believe they'll hang within two TDs. Pick: Buffalo

3. Miami at Jets (-3) I don't like betting against the Dolphins, especially when they're playing the Jets, but dammit, they're in disarray. I can't in good faith put my money on them this week. That said, the defense, even without Zach Thomas, is due to make some big plays. Hope I'm wrong on this one. Pick: Jets

4. Giants at Washington (-3.5) Jason Campbell showed me something I didn't expect against to beat Philly last week. Dude's got star potential. The Giants have sucked so far. This is going to be a close game, which makes me want to lean toward NY and the points. But I'm going to resist that. Pick: Washington

5. Dallas at Chicago (-3) Two top-notch teams going at it here, but the Chicago defense is gonna make Romo and his O wish they were somewhere else, anywhere else on Sunday night. Even with the erratic and sometimes insufferable Grossman, Chi will put up enough points up to cover. Pick: Chicago

6. Tennessee (-4) at New Orleans. One of my good picks last week was Tampa Bay over the Saints (the Jeff Garcia effect, baby). This week Brees and Bush are going to finally have some fun and get off the schneid. Pick: New Orleans

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Bob Norman
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