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Puppet Network Wins $40,000 Knight Foundation Grant

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The Upper Room Art Gallery is bring a dugout canoe event to Fort Lauderdale:

Event celebrates the craft of Florida's dugout canoes Upper Room Art Gallery $30,000

As a way to help preserve the art form of dugout canoes, the gallery will organize a seasonal "Paddle Up" featuring Seminole and Miccosukee canoes. The event on the Himmarshee Canal in Fort Lauderdale will highlight the heritage of the land and waters, inviting members of the Seminole, Miccosukee and other tribes to bring their canoes and wear traditional attire. Seminole artist Pedro Zepeda will demonstrate how to create a dugout canoe from a cypress log in downtown Fort Lauderdale where passersby can watch. The events will be tied to a neighborhood revitalization project called Las Olas Village, where indigenous design will be used throughout in cooperation with the tribes and the community.

The Upper Room Art Gallery is a nonprofit global collective of artists and designers whose artwork specializes in organic and recycled materials and who are concerned about social justice, global poverty and environmental issues.

Awesome New Republic is band that was way popular in these pages a couple of years ago. Last night they won $40,000 for a new project:

Bringing together the city's artists, musicians, dancers and filmmakers, Awesome New Republic plans a multimedia performance that tells the story of South Florida's evolution from swampland to modern metropolis. "The Humid Body" will be performed live and later recalibrated for the Internet to create an immersive experience reflective of South Florida's modern existence.

Awesome New Republic, founded by Michael John Hancock and Brian Robertson, is a decade-strong music project focused on utopian ideals through community collaboration

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