Puppy Store Protesters Will Dress Pets in Costumes for Halloween Rally

If there's one thing Americans love, it's seeing pets dressed in costumes. This year this country will spend more than $10 million on Halloween costumes for their pets.

The animal rights activists who've been protesting the Puppy Palace in Hollywood know this all too well. That's why on Sunday, October 31, they will hold a demonstration outside the puppy story that will include dozens of costumed dogs. Several protesters plan to bring their dogs dressed as skeletons, to, according to them, "represent all the dogs who have died in shelters and at puppy mills."

(Read about the ongoing battle here, here, here, and here.)

Organizers like Ghazal Tajalli of Coral Springs have long advocated for restrictions on commercial puppy breeding -- activists refer to such businesses as "puppy mills" -- and the sale of commercially bred puppies, especially with thousands of shelter animals euthanized every year.

Says Tajalli of the scheduled event: "This Halloween as we once again protest the animal exploiters at Puppy Palace, it is important to recognize that everyday is a horror for animals in puppy mills."

Previous demonstrations have been heated and colorful. So all signs point to quite a scene on Halloween afternoon.

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