Putney Says Oops

WPLG political reporter and sunday show host Michael Putney decided not to take that job with the investment bank after all, reports the Miami Herald's Christina Hoag.

Writes Hoag:

Putney originally said he did not see a conflict since he has never covered banking, nor did he see a conflict in working in journalism and public relations simultaneously.

But questions were raised about the arrangement after the initial announcement was posted on MiamiHerald.com.

''I believed everything had been settled and agreed to by Local 10 before I approved [Wednesday] morning's announcement by Ladenburg Thalmann. Evidently, it wasn't,'' Putney wrote in a statement Wednesday afternoon.

``After reflection and talks with Local 10 top management, I've concluded that serving as a media consultant, even in an area of journalism I do not cover, would raise the appearance of a possible conflict of interest. Therefore, I will not be joining Ladenburg Thalmann in a consulting capacity, and I wish them well.''

Oh, that's a little embarrassing. I wonder if it never occurred to Putney that the investment bank he would be working for has interests in all kinds of businesses, including gambling companies, that he might touch on as a reporter? Or if he just thought it would slide in the ethically loose subtropical region of Florida.

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