Pygmy Sperm Whales Beach Themselves in Jupiter Island

In what's becoming a sad trend, two pygmy sperm whales have beached themselves on Jupiter Island.

The Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission has been called in, and it appears the two whales are a mother and her calf.

The animals reportedly came ashore Tuesday morning at 251 S. Beach Road.

According to WPTV.com, wildlife officers and representatives from Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute are also responding to the scene.

This is just one in a series of incidents involving pygmy whales beaching themselves on Florida shores.

Just a month ago, another pygmy mother and calf washed ashore near Carlin Park in Jupiter. The mother was already dead when officials found the pair, and they were eventually forced to put down the calf.

Back in March, yet another pygmy mother and calf beached themselves at Jensen Beach, just north of Waveland Beach in St. Lucie County. It was soon discovered that both mother and calf were suffering from heart disease, and were both euthanized.

In December, a pygmy whale died and washed ashore at the International Fishing Pier in Deerfield Beach. Sadly, a couple of idiots were actually riding the whale like a carnival attraction hours before it had died.

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