Quiz: Broward City Motto or Communist Propaganda Slogan?

As it's a holiday week, and you probably want to play games with your loved ones, we're taking a break from our usual substantive blogging to offer you a fun quiz.

Many Broward County municipalities have lofty mottos that seem a little too grand for the general apathy and lack of civic engagement that they conceal. Communist countries, on the other hand, have a long and storied tradition of forcing civic engagement through propaganda. So naturally, there's a little give and take.

The list continues after the jump. Hover or click on the links to see the answers. Nastrovya!

  1. "Join us, progress with us!"
  2. "Let's extensively raise goats in all families!"
  1. "Preserving our rural lifestyle"
  2. "Let's conquer space!"
  3. "Every day life is getting better!"
  4. "The grass is greener"
  5. "Staff makes all the difference"
  6. "Environmentally proud"
  7. "Giving beyond the expected"
  8. "We care"
  9. "Beauty and progress"
  10. "Engaged, inspired, united!"
  11. "To catch up and get ahead"
  12. "Serve the people"
  13. "Without pity, we'll decimate and obliterate the enemy!"

How'd you do? Challenge your friends and sign up to volunteer with your local municipality! Onward, to greatness!

Stefan Kamph is a New Times staff writer.
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