Rachel Maddow Takes on Rick Scott's Vanishing Act With New Times Cameo Appearance (Video)

The Pulp was checking out MSNBC last night to see what the liberals were up to when Rachel Maddow began a segment on Gov. Rick Scott's trip to the Koch brothers retreat in Colorado that seemed awfully similar to a story we wrote earlier in the day.

Lo and behold, that was because she actually used our post in her segment on the conference the Koch brothers have been hosting in Colorado.

"After days of wondering what the heck was going on with their disappearing governor, today, Florida residents and those Florida political reporters finally got some answers," Maddow said. "Turns out, Rick Scott -- the new Republican governor of Florida -- was at a secret, invitation-only retreat outside of Vail, Colorado, put on by the billionaire Koch brothers."

Maddow noted, as did we, that Scott's public schedule displayed nothing planned for the weekend -- which has not happened since he took office -- while his spokesman refused to confirm that Scott was with the Koch brothers.

"After declaring a state of emergency in Florida due to wildfires, Gov. Rick Scott hopped on a plane, he went to Colorado, he addressed this secret Koch brothers retreat, and apparently hoped that nobody back home would notice," Maddow said. "Unfortunately for Gov. Scott, they did notice."

Aside from Scott, last night's piece went into four other politicians who made it out to the Koch conference, as well as how the Koch brothers run the bankroll for Republican candidates at election time.

Check out the video below:

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