Racists: Ron Paul Isn't Racist

The "racist newsletter" drama surrounding GOP presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul seems to be an indication that the fabled "mainstream media" is running low on news in the Republican primary battle.

This has been something that's been around for decades -- literally, multiple decades -- and it's been made clear (years ago) that Paul didn't write it and that he disavows it. But the word racist is still showing up next to the congressman's name in columns nationwide, even though it would seem like that's an outrageous idea to anyone who's spent a few minutes reading up on him.

If you ask South Florida's resident racist, though, he doesn't think Paul's a racist, and neither do his followers.

We went over to Stormfront, the white supremacist website run by West Palm Beach's own Don Black -- the subject of a New Times feature of yore, "The Racist Next Door." (Black called it "arguably the most malicious article I've ever had written about me.")

Sure enough, under the "Politics & Continuing Crises" forum on the website, there are multiple threads dedicated to Paul, and of course there's one about the newsletters.

Black wrote that he'd already been contacted by the New York Times on the subject, which ended up with this lame front-page story.

You'd think Black -- a former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard -- would know whether the presidential candidate he supports is a racist. It takes one to know one, right?

Well, it seems that neither Black, nor any of his n-bomb-dropping followers thinks Paul's a racist.

"...I respond to media by simply noting the obvious truth," Black writes. "Paul's not a White Nationalist and he doesn't address the problem of White genocide, but we support his strongly held positions opposing foreign interventionism and wars for Israel, government welfare and 'affirmative action' programs, police statism, the Federal Reserve scam and immigration."

Amid the incoherent ramblings of self-admitted racists -- "racialists" is their preferred term -- the Stormfront users vehemently deny that Paul is "pro-white" like they are.

Black even mentions in a post he wrote a week ago that he thought the newsletters would become a "huge issue" and that people would start floating around the picture of him alongside the congressman taken in Fort Lauderdale a few years ago. He's right about that.

But who wants to trust the racists? According to the thousands of online news (?) articles desperately declaring Paul a racist, apparently no one.

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