Radical Idea: Let's Burn the Cape Girardeau Central High School Yearbook, 1969 Edition

Jones in 1969

Maybe there's a course at Cape Girardeau Central High School that teaches students how to get famous using hateful, destructive ideas. Because it just so happens that Florida's two most notorious bloviators, Rush Limbaugh and Qu'ran-burning pastor Terry Jones

graduated from Cape Central High in 1969


Limbaugh in 1969

At last check,

Jones was noncommittal

about whether he'd be torching Islam's most sacred text to commemorate 9/11. But the damage has already been done, so Americans who disagree with Jones -- and those who believe such Islamophobic behavior is the natural, dangerous outgrowth of Limbaugh's radio rants -- would be wise to exercise their own right to free speech by torching this pair's yearbook. Or if that's not available, then just buy a Coexist bumper sticker and affix it to your car. Just

don't put it on Allen West's car


[Hat tip: DailyRFT.com]

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