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Raid Gainesville

A special thanks goes out to Miami Herald sportswriter Armando Salguerro, who brought up the burning question that I've been asking about the search for the new Dolphins coach:

What about Urban Meyer?

Unfortunately the answer came under a subhed titled "Who's Out."

"University of Florida coach Urban Meyer just won a national title, but his lack of NFL experience limits any candidacy he might have," Salguerro wrote.

Salguerro is only dutifully reporting the conventional wisdom, but conventional wisdom is unfortunately too often the province of

small minds. No, this search needs a visionary -- and Monsieur Huizenga isn't a visionary outside the world of collecting garbage and renting out vapid Hollywood flicks. At football, he's out of his element, Donnie. There's really no other way to put it. From sniveling Johnson to thick-skulled Wannstedt to flaky Saban, Hizzy's proven a poor arbiter of pro coaching talent. Every indication is that H. Wayne has no feel at all for The Greatest Game.

So he should listen to this: Landing Meyer might be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

That said, I was totally down with Pete Carroll. But after early signs he was seriously considering the notion of coaching the Dolphins, their reporting out in California now that he's stating firmly he's staying at USC. I seriously doubt he'll pull a Saban, either.

So there's only one thing for Huizenga to do.

Get thee to Gainesville.

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