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Rain and Flooding Is Not Yet Done With You, Palm Beach County

In case you forgot, it rained a crapload of buckets yesterday. Some places -- like Delray Beach -- reported as much as 11 inches of rain.

And while the day is amazeballs gorgeous this early Friday afternoon, it's probably going to get nasty again very soon.

Because, Florida!

The National Weather Service is saying that parts of western Palm Beach might be getting dinged up with some fog, which is the precursor to MOAR RAIN.

And while it doesn't literally rain cats and dogs, it just might this time!

More rain could cause more problems because of flooding. Basically because the roads got their asses dented in by all that rain yesterday, parts of Palm Beach County are under a flood watch today when the late-day soakfest comes on down.

Showers are forecast to come sometime Friday afternoon and continue into the evening. There might even be more heavy downpours that come with it.

Basically, it's Waterworld out there today.

However, the good news is that all this damn rain is expected to be gone by Saturday, which is forecast to be sunny and rain-free (there's still a 20 percent chance of precipitation, but that's probably just weather science dudes covering their asses in case it does rain somewhere because you never know living in Florida).

Seriously though, it's a damn mess out there and it sucks. 

School buses had a hard time driving through flooded streets and getting students home on schedule. Traffic was backed up (more than usual, anyway), and it just seemed like the rain would never stop. There was even a report of a tornado in Boca Raton to go along with the deluge on Thursday.

All in all, the rainfall totals looked like this:

Boca Raton: 7.24 inches

Delray Beach: 11.28 inches

Boynton Beach: 4.56 inches

Lake Okeechobee: 5.87 inches

Jupiter/Palm Beach Gardens: 6.62 inches

Jupiter coastal area: 9.06 inches

Wellington/Royal Palm Beach: 5.24 inches

The Acreage: 4.87 inches

Southern Martin County: 4.96 inches

[rainfall totals via Palm Beach Post]

That's a lot of damn rain. 

Thus goes the life in paradise.

Oh, and Hurricane Season is still a month away. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

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