Rainbow House Now Painted; Westboro Baptist Church Responds

The timing couldn't have been better for the shenanigans local activist Aaron Jackson and his non-profit, Planting Peace, pulled off in Topeka, Kansas yesterday.

If you managed to avoid social media or the internet in general over the last 24 hours, the Destin-based activist, along with friends and partners involved in his organization, converted an average-looking two-bedroom house, located across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church, into a symbol of gay pride. This rainbow-colored "Equality House," which will serve as a base of operations for Planting Peace's antibullying intiative, now sits as a direct and visible challenge to the infamous compound's hate and bigotry.

The "God Hates Fags" clan will have to look at it every. single. day.

Jackson, who purchased the house about a year ago through Planting Peace and had been keeping the plan under wraps, knew the response would be swift and sizable. But he didn't expect it to be so massive that he'd hear from international media outlets within the first few hours.

"A lot of papers I've never heard of called," Jackson said Tuesday night.

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Erica K. Landau