Reader: "American Society Is Sick"

Many readers were riled by an article we posted on the Juice last week about a 9-year-old girl named Leslie. She, along with her older brother and parents, live at a local nudist resort.

The comment below was not only outside our normal readership demographic (Europe) but the commenter stood up for Leslie's lifestyle as well.

BN_PRO 4 hours ago
The comments on this article show how sick society has become, at least in the US. Such comments would not be made by most continental Europeans. I wish I could just dismiss this as something that America can choose to do and leave you all to it, but I can't and I'll tell you why.

America exports its prudish and alarmist attitudes every time it censors Facebook or the Apple store or the search engines we all use. It has also exported its attitudes in every film or television programme it sells to the rest of the world. Why does this matter?

America has a rate of teenage pregnancy that has been as high as ten times that of Denmark and rates of STI's such as gonorrhoea are seventy times higher in the US than Denmark. We have studied 14 nations including these two and found that the correlation between attitude to nudity and rates of these issues is 98%. We have therefore concluded there is a strong link between a mature attitude to nudity and teenage sexual responsibility and health. See:


We do not want America exporting their teenage sexual problems, thank you!

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