Reader Rails Against "Virtual Black Baby Genocide"

The federal budget deal congressional leaders inked late Friday avoided funding cuts to Planned Parenthood, but a future Senate floor vote on the issue still looms. The Juice has given you U.S. Rep. Allen West's views on the organization and a response from Planned Parenthood about the sexual health services it provides millions of women. Still, some readers are fuming about the issue, including Tim O'Neill, of Pompano Beach:

Ms Lisa Rab writes in the March 31 [issue of] "The Juice" that Rep. Allen West is insane for suggesting Planned Parenthood find "private dollars" to fund its agenda.

Leave aside the $1.6 trillion current deficit and the virtual black baby genocide occurring across the U.S. by abortions. Ms Rab writes that "axing funding for Planned Parenthood won't stop abortions," people will simply have to pay for it


Is this what passes for logic among the Left today? Because not funding something with taxpayer funds won't stop it, we should therefore fund it?

I try to see the good in folks or at least the good intent. Ms Rab though seems to suggest that blacks have a proclivity for unprotected sex and nothing can alter that.

Planned Parenthood was founded by eugenics advocate Margaret Sanger to reduce the births of inferior races. I pray that doesn't motivate others but in any case, do NOT expect me to subsidize it. 

If that offends some on the Left, let them play tit for tat and propose other budget cuts. Future generations will thank us.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.