Here are some questions I hope to answer in the next several days: 

Recall Rick Scott Protest Hits Downtown

-- Who is the Broward County School Board member who, prior to his or her election, was accused of making a racial slur at work? Specifically the member was talking about attending an Orange Bowl game in the upper deck, where people were loud, drunk, and belligerent. "It was nigger heaven," the future board member said as coworkers, some of them black, looked on in disbelief. When asked by a coworker if she really meant to say that, the board member repeated it. 

-- Who is the well-known Broward politician who secretly had a child with his (possibly underaged) babysitter many years ago? 

-- Who is the big political player who has made a name for a charitable pursuit that is actually profiting his or her clients in a big way with tax dollars? 

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