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Release the Hounds! Priceless Whisky Is Missing!

If the man who stole the bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue from the Weston liquor store thought that this blog -- which covers only major breaking crime stories -- was going to overlook this case, well, that person does not know this blog. We will solve this case, and we all we ask in exchange is for the victim to make a gift of that bottle to the New Times newsroom. But there will be plenty of time to talk about rewards. Let's look at the Broward Sheriff's Office release for clues on this caper:

The suspect was slick about his approach. After removing the bottle from the plexi-glass case where it was displayed, he grabbed another bottle and put that in its place. Store employees didn't notice the item was missing until Monday, November 2, but the entire heist was caught on surveillance video.

The tape shows a heavy-set man walking into the store Friday, Oct. 30, at around 6 p.m.

The suspect did a couple of trial runs, stealing a $70 bottle of grey goose by sticking it in his pants, then walking out of the store, putting the bottle in his car and returning to the store. He then followed the same procedure to steal a bottle of pinot noir. Finally, once he got enough practice, he neared the secured case containing the 200th anniversary bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label, priced on sale at $3,500. A female accomplice distracted the store employee, and when the coast was clear, the man pried back the door of the plexi-glass case, creating enough of an opening to squeeze his hand in and take the bottle out. He stuck the bottle into his pants, grabbed a display bottle and put it in inside the case, grabbed the Baccarat crystal decanter that accompanied the limited edition bottle and moved away from the case, stuffing the decanter into his pocket. Moments later, he and the woman, left the store.

The 200th Anniversary Johnnie Walker Blue label is the most exclusive and most expensive Johnnie Walker product. There were only six distributed in the state of Florida.

The suspect is described as a white or Hispanic male, with a mustache. He's about 5'9" tall, weighs approximately 250 lbs., and was seen on video wearing a black and white, striped shirt with a collar, and blue jeans. If you recognize him, please contact BSO Weston Detective Chris Anderson at 954-389-2010 or Crime Stoppers, anonymously, at 954-493-TIPS or

The video, which for whisky aficionados may be too graphic to watch, can be seen here. Below, a video of a gentleman enjoying a glass of Johnnie Walker Blue.

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