Remind You Of Anyone?

He's not like Charlie Crist in looks or style. Just in substance.

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Sort of funny, something to bide the time away while we see what Fay can give us. The really funny thing is that a good hurricane might be the only thing to revive this stinking economy. It would get a lot of construction guys and yard people and storm profiteers like Ron Bergeron and AshBritt all kinds of business. We'd get pumped up with some insurance and FEMA coin. A good Wilma-like episode might in fact be the only thing that could reverse the local recession, if only for a glimmer of time.

Not that I'm not rooting it on. Though I gotta say that once you load up on ten gallons of extra gas, have plenty of ice, beer, and whiskey, got a newish FEMA-subsidized generator and chain saw, and have fashioned your garage into something like a rustic studio apartment, including portable A/C, you almost feel disappointed when it doesn't happen.

Pulling out today to get gas, I flashed back to Wilma, where Broward Boulevard was packed with gas and ice lines of cars going for miles, a long sad and motionless parade of petro-refugees. Where downtown was broken up like old Beirut and there wasn't a working traffic light for three counties. I remembered eating steaks on the grill before they went bad (a pleasure), sweating it through the summer nights (not so much), and using the last bit of generator to watch a movie with the fam in total black darkness with only the incessant rumbling of the generator filling the night air. Wondering if there would be enough gas to get a little toast and coffee going in the morning (or, on better days, maybe an hour on the computer).

Don't worry, Fay will be nothing like that, of course. It's a weak hurricane, if that, and it'll probably just give us a big wet kiss. Fort Myers and Naples might have more problems though. Lucky them.

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