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Renegade Miami Subs Manager Wrestles Gun From Robbery Suspect, Traps Him Until Police Arrive
Never bring a gun to a sandwich fight.

Steve Lebrun, a manager at the Miami Subs on Sunrise Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, had an amazing encounter with a robber on Sunday evening, according to police.

The suspect, Devane Jenkins, entered the restaurant at 661 W. Sunrise Blvd. on Sunday at 8:18 p.m. Carrying a revolver, Jenkins jumped over the counter and demanded that the manager and an employee take him to the safe. When they got to the safe, Lebrun told Jenkins he could get the money himself. That's when Jenkins pulled the trigger.

But the gun only clicked, witnesses later told police.

Lebrun then lunged at Jenkins, and the two began fighting for the gun. The manager got the gun and moved to block the front door.

That's when the trapped Jenkins picked up a fire extinguisher and began slamming it against the drive-through window, hoping to escape. When that didn't work, he tried again to fight his way through the front door.

The manager and a customer, identified as Richard Barrett, had something else in mind, wrestling the suspect to the ground and holding him there until police arrived a few minutes later.

From police:

"The armed robber has been identified as Devane Jenkins, B/M, 12-27-1993, and a Fort Lauderdale resident. Jenkins was treated for minor injuries at Broward General Medical Center. He was then transported to the police station to be interviewed by robbery detectives, where he invoked his right to remain silent."

This afternoon, the vigilante manager was not at the restaurant, but employees there said the exciting incident was still the most popular topic of conversation. Maria Benitez of Oakland Park was working at the restaurant that day. She said she was so frightened, she can barely remember what happened.

Frank Baran, vice president of operations for the Miami Subs corporation, called the manager's actions "silly."

"We would certainly discourage that behavior," he said. "Our policy is to get [the robber] whatever he wants and get him out of there as quickly as possible."

Baran added that he is relieved that this incident ended peacefully. "You can imagine what kind of disaster that could be," he said.

Whether the manager will be reprimanded or punished for foiling the robbery, that's up to the individual franchise owner, Baran said. (No word back yet from the franchise owner.)

Check back for what will surely be some of the best video you've seen in a while.

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