Rep. Bill Young Is Dead, According to Twitter (His Office Says He's Still Alive)

Twitter killed Rep. Bill Young.

Young, who just last week announced his retirement and who was recently admitted to a hospital, is still very much alive. Although "gravely ill," according to his office.

But, according to several tweets -- some from credible news sources -- Young has died.

Except, he hasn't?

This was the case for a while (some of the tweets have been deleted since) until someone decided to actually pick up a phone and call Young directly.


"Still alive and kicking," the 81-year-old lawmaker had to eventually insist from Washington by telephone to personally squelch the rumor for a reporter at the Tampa Tribune, which had been tipped off by police to pursue the potential bad news.

Oh, wait. That's from last year.

So, this is actually not the first time the media has killed off Bill Young?


For now, his office insists he's still alive. He even got a visit from George W. Bush!

The lesson here is, of course, people should tweet whatever they feel like as much as they want until it comes true.

And, look, we're no fans of Rep. Young. But, geez, stop killing him, media!

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