Rep. Ted Deutch to Endorse West Challenger Patrick Murphy

Democratic freshman Rep. Ted Deutsch will endorse Patrick Murphy, the District 18 challenger to Rep. Allen West, at an event tomorrow that a Murphy press release will feature "over 150 seniors from Century Village, Cypress Lakes, and Golden Lakes."

West tried to win over the Century Village crowd back in April -- he set up shop in a 1,200-seat theater and got about 75 attendees -- he slammed Obamacare, and it was at this meeting that he grabbed a few headlines by saying the new tax on tanning salons is racist. From the Palm Beach Post account of how it went:

While West has become a conservative icon nationwide, telling the crowd that he is Congress' No. 1 target of Democrats, several seasonal Century Village residents visiting the clubhouse said they had never heard of him and were unaware he was giving a speech.

It looks like Murphy has the opportunity to make inroads with the old-folk community, and an endorsement from Deutsch -- who represents Century Village until this year's redistricting kicks in -- should help with those who aren't, you know, like, Republicans.

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Deutch's camp confirmed that the endorsement will happen, but we're still waiting for comment regarding why he's endorsing Murphy, but it's probably similar to the reasons given by Debbie Wasserman Schultz's reasoning behind sending Murphy $2 grand in campaign funds: He's not West.

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