Report: Deerfield Beach Moves to Secure Computers Used by Officials Named in Investigation

A day after a forensic auditor told the Deerfield Beach Commission he'd found evidence of favoritism and fraud by officials in the city's Community Development Division, the city has asked the Broward Sheriff's Office to take custody of computers that belonged to two officials named in the audit report.

According to well-placed sources, those officials are Debra Chatman, the SHIP program coordinator, and Stephanie McMillian, the coordinator for the city's Community Development Block Grant program.

Earlier today, Juice reported on McMillian's allegedly having overseen an award of $10,000 in tax-paid improvements to her father's Deerfield Beach home.

There was no answer at the city phone number for Chatman or McMillian. Sources say both have been placed on paid leave pending the city's internal review.

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