Reporter Turned Congressional Aide for Broward Congresswoman Reverses Field Again

Former Politico reporter Jonathan Allen heard all the predictable "liberal media" howls late this past year after he left to join a committee for West Broward Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. All that grief only to leave the Wasserman Schultz office after a mere 40 days -- and go back to journalism.

In yesterday's edition of Politico, Allen tried to get out ahead of the liberal media conspiracy theorists:

[A]s I leave my job at Wasserman Schultz's political action committee to make the transition back to journalism at POLITICO, there will be some who wonder whether I am a political operative just masquerading as a reporter.

Sounds like Allen's departure from the Wasserman Schultz camp was amicable. The hard part was convincing his old bosses to take him back.

If you're curious about how the D.C.-based website wrestled with its decision, check out this article by John F. Harris.

Media Matters points out that it's not the first time a Politico staffer had a background as a political operative.

All very confusing. Just when you think you know the politicians from the lobbyists from the journalists, they switch hats on you...

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