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Republican Congressional Candidate Calls Allen West "Irresponsible and Irrational"

David Brady won a modest 23.3 percent of the vote in last week's primary against Allen West in the race for the Republican nomination for the 22nd Congressional District. But considering that West has raised about $4 million and that Brady spent about $1,000 on his campaign, it was a respectable showing.

Brady would have done even better if only the news of West's personal financial trouble had come out before the election. "Allen, I really hope he doesn't get elected," says Brady, who spoke with the Juice on Friday. 

"He's a completely irresponsible and irrational individual who's going to do nothing to help the country if he goes to Washington."

There's no love lost between these candidates. Posting on his campaign blog Sunday, West called Brady a "liberal Trojan horse."

When their paths crossed on the campaign trail, says Brady, "He wouldn't even shake my hand. He'd barely acknowledge me." 

An old-fashioned conservative who preaches about limiting government, Brady had hoped that at least a portion of the state or national Republican Party would respond to his message. Instead, the party, eager to impress tea party activists, has enthusiastically backed West -- and Brady thinks those officials should be embarrassed by the recent revelations about West's personal financial history.

"I'm annoyed with the Republican Party in that they backed somebody like this," he says.

But Brady, who works as a home builder, is not disillusioned. He'll be back on the campaign trail before long. "I'm absolutely considering another run based on what I've learned about the district," he says. "Being completely genuine helps. There's a good base of rational people in this district, and representing this district is a responsibility toward a group of people, not a party."

Before his next congressional campaign, however, Brady is planning on a run for local office, possibly as commissioner in Palm Beach County or in Boca Raton.

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