Alex Sink
Alex Sink

Republicans Slug Back at Sink

State Republicans are accusing Florida CFO and likely gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink of placing politics before the safety of children who'd be victimized by sexual predators.

Last week, Sink demanded that Attorney General Bill McCollum explain why he gave a no-bid contract to his own political consultant to produce public service announcements with public funds -- commercials that looked an awful lot like campaign ads. Sink and McCollum have both been mentioned as potential candidates for U.S. Senate and Florida governor. Both seem to be waiting for Gov. Charlie Crist to declare his intentions before they declare theirs.

In an editorial written by the Orlando Republican and being circulated by the Republican Party of Florida, Blas Podrino quotes his proboscis:

My nose tells me that Ms. Sink will run for either office, as long as she doesn't have to face Crist. That means she wants to run against McCollum, which explains her bizarre attempt to quash a public service announcement that promotes awareness against internet child predators in hopes of embarrassing her potential rival.

The editorial speculates that a recent round of hirings in Sink's office are motivated by her ambition for higher office.

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