Restaurant Manager Allegedly Shoots at Customers Who Complained About the Food

Winter Park residents Marshall Phillips and Destin McMahon didn't care for the food they were served at Wazzabi restaurant Sunday night. So they decided to tell their server they were unsatisfied.

The server then apologized profusely and wondered what they could do to make things better.

And by "the server apologized profusely and wondered what they could do to make things better," we mean he started screaming at them like a crazy person.

Phillips and McMahon figured that was their cue to pay the bill and leave. Phillips payed his $13 bill. But McMahon, who claims to have returned the food almost immediately after only a few bites, refused to pay his.

That's when things got a little out of hand.

The server, along with the restaurant's cook and owner, all followed the men to their vehicle in the parking lot. According to Phillips and McMahon, the owner also began yelling at them and "ripping open" their car door.

He then began to kick and punch the car, making a few dents.

As the two men drove off, they noticed the three chasing them down, screaming.

That's when the manager allegedly fired a gun at them.

"I looked at these guys in the rear view as they're coming at us, and I saw a flash, and I heard it, 'Pop!' you know," Phillips told WFTV .

While the yelling server was not arrested, Wazzabi's owner, 55-year-old Quoc Tran, was booked on aggravated assault charges. The cook, Hoai Tran, was also arrested.

The restaurant's employees say they were shocked to see the three men behave in such a way, particularly Quoc Tran. 

Phillips was less shocked and more frightened of dying for expressing his dissatisfaction with his food. "It's like, complain about food and have your life threatened," he said.

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