Ricardo Salamanca Sliced His Girlfriend's Nose Off, Police Say

Ricardo Salamanca took Rosita Rosario out on a date to a Plantation nightclub back in October. Afterward, the two went back to her place. But Salamanca wanted a little more than a nightcap, so he made his move. But Rosita was having none of it and spurned his advances.

So Salamanca had a perfectly reasonable response for that and sliced Rosita's nose off her face.

Salamanca appeared before Broward County Judge John "Jay" Hurley on Wednesday on a charge of aggravated battery causing bodily harm.

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According to Hurley, Rosario's nose was severed down to the sinus cavity, where her nose was "only attached by a thread." (ENJOY YOUR BREAKFAST, EVERYONE!)

According to police, Rosario had actually gone home alone after their date. Salamanca showed up at her door shortly after she arrived to her place. Rosario then let him in. That's when Salamanca made it clear he wanted a little nooky.

When she rejected him, Salamanca became enraged. He allegedly threw her down on the floor and then tried to choke hold her. Rosario was able to get away from Salamanca.

According to the report, Rosario doesn't remember much after that. As she tried to get away from Salamanca, she noticed that she was bleeding profusely and that her nose had been severed.

Salamanca allegedly said, "That's what you deserve, bitch."

Rosario managed to drive herself to Broward Health Imperial Point hospital. From there, she was transported to Broward Health North hospital, where doctors performed surgery on her nose and face. She also might be in need of more surgery on her nose, according to the report.

Salamanca, 48, was ordered held in lieu of $75,000 bail.

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