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Richie Incognito Dropped the N-Word at Dirty Blondes (Video)

In the wake of the Miami Dolphins giving Richie Incognito the boot for allegedly bullying and using racial slurs against teammate Jonathan Martin comes more evidence that shows what a whack job Incognito really is.

Several months ago, he was caught on video stomping around like a crazy person and shouting out a racial slur toward another teammate at Dirty Blondes in Fort Lauderdale (of course, it was Dirty Blondes... of course).

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The video, which was apparently shot using a phone and found by TMZ Sports, shows Incognito hanging out with teammates at Dirty Blondes. Incognito seems to be on some kind of rage when he spots Mike Pouncey as he enters the bar and yells out, "Mike Pouncey! N**GA!"

He then clomps around shirtless while yelling other incoherent things.

The act seems harmless given the context. Except, of course, for him yelling out a racial slur. Be it in jest or not, in light of the situation, it doesn't do Incognito's image as a rampaging jerk any favors.

Reports surfaced on Monday that Incognito had sent racially charged texts to Martin, including one in which he refers to Martin -- who is biracial -- as a "half n**ger."

New Times attempted to contact Dirty Blondes to see if anyone there recalls the day Incognito and friends were hanging out and acting nuts. Those calls have yet to be returned.

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