Richie Incognito Held Strip Club Meetings for Offensive Linemen, According to Report

Richie Incognito apparently held offensive line meetings at a local strip club, according to a report that cites sources.

According to the National Football Post's Jason Cole, Incognito would fine players who did not attend said meetings and would also openly mock them for not showing up at the strip club.

Cole says he spoke to two team sources who confirmed the whole thing.

Cole writes that Incognito would hold a sort of kangaroo court for any player who did not show up to the strip club meeting.

A lot, if not most, of the players are married. So we can imagine that telling the wife that the reason they're getting home at 3 in the morning, smelling of cheap perfume and booze, is because they had to go to the strip club for a work meeting.

From the National Football Post:

"Richie wanted to set up Richie's world as a way for everybody to act," a team source said. "Richie thinks everybody should act that way. He doesn't get that some guys aren't into that behavior. Some guys don't want to constantly explain to their wife or girlfriend why they have to go to a strip club."

If players didn't go, Incognito would mock them for not being part of the group, one of the sources said.

The only question left is, which strip club? The report only says "a South Florida" strip club.

So we put in a call into Tootsie's and Scarlett's Cabaret.

Both Tootsie's and Scarlett's Cabaret's phones went unanswered. Of course, it's in the middle of the day, so...

We'll keep trying.

If this story is indeed true, then this whole saga just went ludicrous speed.

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