Richie Incognito Made Crude Sex Jokes About Dolphins Staffer's Wife, According to Report

As the NFL investigates the Miami Dolphins bullying scandal, new reports of alleged terrible behavior by Richie Incognito have surfaced. This time, however, the abuse was toward a team staff member.

According to Jason Cole of the National Football Post, Incognito and at least one other Dolphins player apparently mocked the ethnic background of that unnamed staffer and made crude sex jokes about his wife.

Cole cites two sources who say not only did this alleged abuse happen, but that it happened out in the open, with other staff members present. And that no one did anything about it.

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Among the jokes Incognito would make, was telling the staff member that his wife had sex with several of the Dolphins players.

One of the sources alleges that Incognito would also often dress in the clothing worn by the staffer's culture and then make crude jokes about the culture. The other source claims that another as-of-yet unnamed player would take part in the antics.

According to the source, the staff member who was the butt of the jokes would be made to feel uncomfortable and awkward.

And the biggest problem for the Dolphins organization -- outside of having a player who is a complete insensitive asshole on the roster -- was that people within knew what was going on and failed to put a stop to it.

From Cole:

That failure to monitor the situation could create further legal problems for Dolphins management, which will be hard-pressed to claim it was unaware of the workplace environment. The NFL is currently investigating the matter. Attorney Ted Wells has been appointed to conduct the inquiry.

Since the NFL has asked the Dolphins not to comment on the case while it's being investigated, nothing more can be learned about this at the moment.

Of course, the whole thing speaks of a lack of leadership from the front office on down and speaks of a professional football franchise that is rotten from the inside.

Many have come to the defense of Incognito when news of his bullying Jonathan Martin surfaced. Incognito, who left Martin a racial insult on his voicemail, has himself come out and said this was just the way players behave with one another and that being crude and inappropriate with one another was a sign of intimacy among buddies.

Others have chastised the media for failing to paint Incognito as the true victim in all this, while failing to write about how Martin is the real bad guy, quitting on his team and then ratting out his friend.

But if Cole's story proves to be true -- and, really, there's little evidence to suggest otherwise when it comes to Richie Incognito -- then this might be just the tip of the iceberg of the mountain of shit that is the current state of the Miami Dolphins.

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