Rick Perry and Rick Scott (Fake Ones) Skype Chat Over Battle for "Worst Governor Ever"

In the battle for "Worst Governor Ever" -- hosted online by the Transport Workers Union of America -- Gov. Rick Scott still maintains his lead, but Texas Gov. Rick Perry has surged in the election, right behind Florida's own.

On August 11, the union's new media head, Jeff Rae, told the Pulp that Scott had garnered 35 percent of the vote, just ahead of Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who had 32 percent, and well ahead of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who was in third place at 20 percent.

The contest has gained some traction and attention, with even the lovely Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer reportedly considering her inclusion in the contest "a badge of honor."

With Perry's surge to second place, the union has released a new video to promote the election -- as voting ends on September 6 -- featuring fake Scott and Perry having a Skype chat over who's going to take the crown of "Worst Governor Ever."

In the video, faux-Scott giggles as he votes for himself, before receiving the video call from faux-Perry.

Perry tries to call out Scott for voting for himself, and the fake Scott replies, "What do you care? You're running for worst president ever."

"Good point," the fake Perry replies.

Check out the new video in the race for "Worst Governor Ever" below:

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