Rick Scott Adversary "Pink Slip Rick" Starting Broward County Task Force

Gov. Rick Scott doesn't always make appearances in Broward County, but when he does, the folks from "Pink Slip Rick" would prefer to be there.

They're the ones who hand-delivered pink slips to the governor as he played doughnut salesman during one of his "Let's Get to Work" days, sent robocalls and Mad Libs back to the governor's office, and hold rallies to protest Scott just about whenever they can find him.

Since the governor is slated to make an appearance in Hollywood tomorrow, it seems fitting that the "Broward County Pink Slip Rick Task Force" would hold its inaugural meeting tonight.

The Denny's at 5645 S. University Drive in Davie will host a handful of lefties who aren't exactly the biggest fans of the governor around 7 p.m. today to plan out their stunts.

"We are proud to introduce our Broward Meet Up host, Eldon Weaver, who will be facilitating the meeting tonight," Florida Watch Action Executive Director Susannah Randolph says in an email to supporters. "We will be discussing Rick Scott's visit to the Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood, FL this Tuesday, October 11th and any plans we can make to give him this job-killing, anti middle class governor the pink slip!"

According to an announcement made by Florida Watch Action a few weeks ago, the Broward task force won't be the only one starting up:

Together, we've built a grassroots organization from the ground up that has captivated the media and helped expose Pink Slip Rick for the anti-jobs Governor he is. Thousands of Floridians have taken to the streets -- and thousands more have taken to the internet to protest Scott with mad libs, petitions, and robocalls.

But this fight isn't over. In fact, now is the time to turn up the heat and take this battle directly to our communities.

That's why today, we're turning our sites toward organizing PSR Task Forces in every community in Florida.

On October 10th, Florida Watch Action members will meet across the state in communities to start taking this fight to the local level. Can you join up to host a meeting? If not, will you sign up to RSVP to one?

This movement is nothing without people like you making the effort to fight for middle class families.

That's why we need you to come out on October 10th and start organizing this fight in your neighborhoods, your cities, and even your blocks. Pink Slip Rick isn't finished yet -- but we have the power to stop his radical agenda if we rally together and build the kind of movement we need to battle him in every part of Florida.

So please, go here and sign up to host an event on October 10th -- or agree to RSVP to one in your area:


These meetings will be hosted by regular folks, just like you. We'll provide the details and information as it approaches but right now, we need you to get involved in this effort right now so we can keep beat Pink Slip Rick.

Thank you for being a part of this effort,

- Susannah

Regardless from the obvious political leanings the group falls under, the stunts it pulls are often pretty damned funny, even earning the affection of Rachel Maddow, who called the reverse robocall effort the "political tactical innovation of the day."

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