Rick Scott and Charlie Crist Are Tied in Latest Poll

For months now, polls have been showing Charilie Crist leading Rick Scott in the race for governor.

In March, a Quinnipiac University poll showed Crist up by 16 points.

Before that, in October, Public Policy Polling showed Crist leading by 12.

Now all that seems to have changed, as a brand-new survey from Public Policy Polling is showing Scott and Crist in a virtual dead-heat -- though a majority still disapprove of Scott's job performance.

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PPP surveyed 672 registered voters between last Friday (June 6) to this Monday (June 9) -- with a 3.8 percent margin of error, and found that Scott and Crist are all tied up at 42 percent apiece.

A big part of this looks to be because Floridians don't seem to like either candidate much.

Forty eight percent said they disapprove of Scott's performance, according to the poll.

But when they're asked if they have a favorable opinion of Crist, the survey shows that 48 percent do not much care for the former governor either.

Which leads to the question of who they would vote for. The two candidates are tied, while 16 percent of those polls said they're still undecided.

Dean Debnam, president of PPP, says that the tie is likely because of Scott getting an early start on ads.

"Rick Scott's early blitz has taken a big toll on Charlie Crist's image in Florida," Debnam writes. "Although Scott himself remains unpopular, he's driven Crist's negatives high enough to make this a toss-up race."

That may be true. Scott, after all, has so far spent at least $8 million on TV ads in two months and has even released a Spanish ad attacking Crist.

Scott has also not been shy about getting his face out there to the public (no matter how creepy), to let them know that he still wants to be their gov.

Crist, meanwhile, has yet to release an ad.

Overall, this might be Scott's big money being spent on ads paying off, or it may be that people don't trust Crist.

Either way, neither seems to be making much headway, which really says only one thing: Florida is faced with a pick-your-poison scenario with these two.

Scott and Crist will have their opportunity to sway people to swallow their respective pills when the two debate at Broward College on October 15.

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