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Rick Scott Approval Rating Analysis: "Slightly More Popular Than a Hemorrhoid"

In case you haven't noticed, Gov. Rick Scott's approval rating is getting so low that people are running out of politicians to compare him to.

A few weeks ago, Public Policy Polling surveyed Florida voters about hypothetical gubernatorial matchups in which Scott was wrecked by everyone he was compared to -- leading to the pollsters saying that running lunch meat against the governor probably wouldn't make the race any closer.

"While [Charlie Crist] would trounce Rick Scott, the reality is that so would a ham sandwich as the governor continues to become more and more unpopular," PPP President Dean Debnam said.

Now Orlando Sentinel columnist Scott Maxwell has drawn a new comparison to the governor's approval rating -- hemorrhoids.

"The first-time governor -- less than a year into his term, typically a honeymoon period for newly electeds -- now has an approval rating of 27 percent," Maxwell writes. "That makes him one of the least popular politicians in the United States and only slightly more popular than a hemorrhoid."

To be fair, a poll showing an approval rating for hemorrhoids would probably be quite a bit lower than 27 percent, but that's just a guess.

The only time since the governor took office that he's had a positive approval rating was on January 31, when Quinnipiac University released a poll saying that although just 35 percent of people approved, only 22 percent disapproved.

It's gotten progressively worse since.

A May poll, also from Quinnipiac University, said just 29 percent of people approved of Scott's job performance, compared to 57 percent who disagreed -- leading to his moniker of the least popular governor in the country.

There's no sign of his job approval getting any better either, since a poll released just this week by the right-wingers at Sunshine State News showed Scott had the lowest approval rating of his short career as governor -- just 27 percent.

Here are a few things we'll suggest pollsters use to compare against the governor for future surveys: the new antibiotic-resistant strain of gonorrhea, Michele Bachmann's "gay-curing" husband, or maybe the Octomom.

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