Rick Scott Breaks His Record for Crappiest Approval Rating -- 26 Percent

Gov. Rick Scott is still the least-popular governor in the country, but according to the latest poll released this afternoon, it's the crappiest approval rating he's ever had.

Scott's approval is down to 26 percent of Floridians, according to the freshest numbers from Public Policy Polling, easily defeating his previous most-crappy approval rating from the firm of 33 percent in June.

Buyer's remorse is even worse than it has been in previous months, as PPP surveyed a hypothetical rematch between Scott and Democrat Alex Sink and found that Sink would win it 53-37.

Charlie Crist as a Democrat would mow over Scott in a hypothetical election as well, at a margin of 55-32.

"Scott's numbers with Democrats are pretty much unchanged compared to then and his standing with independents has gotten a little better," the polling firm says. "What's really caused the bottom to drop out for him is that even Republicans are starting to really sour on his leadership. In June Scott had a 63/30 approval spread with them. That's now dropped all the way down to 46/31."


Crist is still the most popular politician in the state as polled by PPP, with 48 percent having a favorable opinion of him and 33 percent negative. It probably helps that he's not in any decision-making capacity, but those are the numbers.

Sen. Marco Rubio's approval numbers also dropped slightly -- they have since PPP started tracking the senator -- as he's now down to 40 percent approval and 40 percent disapproval.

He had 43 percent approval and 31 percent disapproval in March.

Combating the theory that Rubio as the Republicans' vice-presidential pick would help the eventual candidate defeat President Obama in 2012, PPP says only 24 percent of Floridians said they'd be more likely to vote with the GOP in the presidential race with Rubio on the ticket.

Democrats also led a hypothetical congressional ballot, 46-40.

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