Rick Scott Continues to Do Nothing About Gun Control in Florida

Fresh off admitting that he gave away the dog he had adopted before being elected once he was elected, Rick Scott has moved on to tackling more current events.

Such as gun control. Specifically, gun control in Florida.

And, in what has been his go-to move, Scott plans to do nothing but will listen to ideas, and then probably change his mind if his approval ratings get dinged up as a result.

LET'S GET TO WORK... unless you don't want to. I'll listen to ideas about getting to work. Maybe. Definitely. OK.

Scott has been pretty quiet since the Sandy Hook tragedy, even as others have proposed arming teachers or placing metal detectors in schools.

For some reason, the Tampa Bay Times reported that that Governor Voldemort "voiced his support for a broad review of Florida's gun laws," even though he did no such thing.

The governor's office came out on Thursday and clarified that statement by telling everyone that, nope, no gun law changes will be proposed by him. In fact, all Scott is willing to do at this time is listen to anyone who proposes any idea on how to make schools safer.

Except if that idea entails not allowing people who would walk into schools and shoot kids to get a gun. Because the Second Amendment.

To make sure people know he really means it, Scott's press secretary, Jackie Schutz, released a statement:

"Gov. Scott supports the second amendment. He will listen to ideas about improving school safety during the legislative session, but he continues to support the second amendment and is not proposing any gun law changes."

Since Sandy Hook, Scott has ducked and weaved the issue and even gone to the ole tried-and-true "now's not the time to talk about gun control," because 20 children were just killed by a guy with a gun. So, silence is best.

Scott basically just told schools to review their safety procedures before heading off to do a bunch of TV appearances to tell everyone that everything was fine.

Now, one day after the president unveils his plan for gun control, Scott not only says nothing -- again -- he cites his support for the Second Amendment as a reason to not talk about it at all.

I'll listen to ideas about how to make schools safer, BUT I WON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT GUN CONTROL BECAUSE THE SECOND AMENDMENT IS WATCHING US!!!

Rick Scott has turned the Second Amendment into the Fifth Amendment.

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