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Rick Scott Doesn't Believe Mitt Romney Is Up by Seven in Florida

Maybe it's because he's trying to temper expectations.

Or, maybe it's because he doesn't want Republicans to get complacent and stop working.

Or, maybe it's because he's naturally dickish and can't help himself.

But Gov. Rick Scott doesn't believe the latest polls that say Mitt Romney is up by seven in Florida. Oh, he believes Romney is leading Obama, all right. Just not by that much.

A recent Tampa Bay Times Mason-Dixon Polling showed Romney ahead of Obama 51-44 in Florida.

But Scott is all, Seven points you say? Well color me incredulous! before laughing maniacally and disappearing into a pillar of smoke.

"I think [Romney] is leading in Florida," Scott, a Republican, said Monday morning on CNBC's Squawk Box via the News Service of Florida. "I'd be shocked if it was seven."

Looks like Gov. Voldemort might be getting yet another phone call from the Romney camp about maybe piping down anytime he's asked a question about the presidential race in his state.

Back in August, Scott made an ad telling everyone the exciting news that Florida's unemployment numbers were on the way down.

"The number of unemployed has gone from 568,000 to 320,000," the ad said. "Median home prices are up, and Florida's job growth rate has been positive for 23 consecutive months."


But then Mittbot's camp gave Scott a call about the ad and told him to zip it because, while it made the Governor look good, it also made Obama look good. And that's bad. Very, very bad.

The two sides, of course, came out and told everyone that such a phone call never took place and Romney never asked Scott to stop talking about how awesome Florida is doing now and how NOTHING TO SEE HERE... MOVE ALONG... MOVE ALONG...

We imagine the Romney camp was super excited that Scott pulled out of speaking at the RNC due to Tropical Storm Isaac back in August. Although they probably had one of those giant canes people used back in the day to pull bad Vaudevillian acts off the stage at the ready.

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