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Rick Scott Down 8 Points to Charlie Crist in Latest Poll

Rick Scott continues to be unliked by many amounts of people, despite the fact that he's changed his mind about things like Medicaid expansion and despite declaring his love for Florida panthers, and his efforts to put money in people's pockets with the magical elixir known as "tax-cuts."

And while he's gained momentum and caught up to Charlie Crist in the polls, at least one pollster says that Scott's momentum has hit a bit of a lull.

The latest Quinnipiac University poll, released Thursday, also shows that Scott is now back down by 8 points to Crist.

Quinnipiac also shows that 54 percent of those polled don't think that Scott is doing a bang enough job to deserve a second term. Also, only 41 percent say they approve of the job Scott is doing.

When it comes to the economy and jobs, something Scott has been boasting about all over the internet, 47 say Crist would do a better job, with Scott getting 42 percent.

Crist is also leading in other major categories, such as protecting the middle class (49-36), and handling health care (48-36).

As with education, something Scott has touted as a strong suit for himself, Crist has the biggest lead (49-35).

Another big one: honestly and trustworthiness -- something Scott and the GOPers are going to use to bludgeon over people's heads when trash-talking Crist: 44 percent believe that Crist is more honest and trustworthy, with Scott getting 36 percent.

Crist also appears to have a heady lead among moderates (58-26), and independents (48-32).

As for Scott's recent momentum that had him virtually tied with Crist: that seems kaput too. Or, at least, it may be the beginning of the end.

Assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, Peter Brown, says that the governor's momentum has stalled.

"At least for now, Florida Gov. Rick Scott's comeback against his major Democratic challenger, former Gov. Charlie Crist, has stalled after considerably narrowing the Crist lead in 2013," Brown says. "And on several other measurements, Crist gets higher grades from the Florida electorate"

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