Rick Scott Gave Out an Adult Phone Line Instead of Meningitis Hotline

This might be the most Rick Scott thing ever.

During a meeting of the Florida Cabinet on Tuesday, Scott stepped up to give an update on the fungal meningitis outbreak the state has recently been dealing with.

But Scott screwed up and gave out the wrong number for the meningitis hotline, which was posted on the Florida Department of Health website. Instead of the actual number, Gov. Voldemort gave out the phone number for an adult line.

That might explain that permanent creepy smile he always has plastered on his face.


The screw-up was first noticed by an alert reader who notified public radio WUSF, who then called the governor's office. The Florida Department of Health quickly corrected the mistake and posted the right number.

But for a while there, anyone who wanted to get pertinent information about the meningitis outbreak got an automated message that said "Hello, boys; thank you for calling me on my anniversary" and then directed them to a menu of naughty options.

A spokesperson told WUSF that Scott inadvertently had an incorrect number and that he was told of his mistake during the Cabinet meeting.

The correct Florida Fungal Meningitis Hotline is: 866-523-7339, and not 876-BIG-JUGGZ or whatever it was that Scott inadvertently gave out.

No matter what happens from here on out with Gov. Scott's tenure, at the very least he should always be remembered for making a meningitis outbreak sexy.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.