Rick Scott Gets Prickly With Reporter At Unemployment Questions

As we've recently pointed out, Rick Scott's been going around bragging about how unemployment numbers have gone down while he's been in office.

Of course, what he hasn't mentioned is that the numbers are deceiving since the reason they are down is because people have flat out given up looking for jobs that aren't there.

On Tuesday, Bloomberg reporter Michael Bender did that thing where reporters ask questions, and Gov. McCreepyPants didn't take too kindly to it.

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Stupid reporters being all reportery

During the Q&A, Bender pointed out recent findings by Florida Legislature chief economist Amy Baker, which show that Florida's unemployment rate is falling because of the lack of jobs and not so much because Rick Scott made a wish when he saw a falling star.

Bender asked Scott about Baker's report, and how maybe it wasn't really such a hot idea to be going around bragging about hollow and deceiving unemployment, especially with a recent uptick in jobless numbers in August.

But, Scott would have none of it:

Reporter: "Are you saying those numbers from the state economist are wrong, Governor?"

Scott: "I'm saying we generated 130,000 jobs."

Reporter: "But that's not all of the--"

Scott: "Mike, I've answered all your questions on that."

Reporter: "But, no, my question is about the unemployment rate drop--"

Scott: "Mike! I said I've answered all your questions."

Governor, I just want to know more about the unemployment numbers tha....


Scott, who like a lot GOPers running for office, touted himself as a job creator because he was once the boss of some people, is now heading up the state with one of the worst unemployment rates in the country.

In fact, a recent report from FIU says that Florida is the worst in all the land, saying that employment numbers began to plummet not long after Scott took office in 2011:

"Florida's long-term unemployment rate, however, has continued to rise in 2011, reaching record-high rates and making it number one among states. No state has ever had a long-term unemployment rate as high as Florida's, which was 53.0% in 2011."

Even in the face of facts and numbers and math, Scott insists that everything is fine, all while deflecting serious questions about it like LeBron James rejecting a Rajon Rondo dunk.

"Indicators are very good in our state," Scott said. "Biggest drop in unemployment in our state. Tourism is up, exports are up, home prices are up, home sales are up, new home construction is up."

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